206ct emerald revealed to be Bayco’s secret gem

The Imperial Emerald wins its own press conference at BaselWorld.

New York jewellery company Bayco Jewels has unveiled its secret gemstone as a 206ct Colombian emerald named The Imperial Emerald.

The large gemstone was revealed at BaselWorld following several weeks of buzz-building by the high jewellery company. Bayco described the stone as one of the most precious gemstones to ever be exhibited at the annual Swiss show.

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Moris and Giacomo Hadjibay, co-owners of Bayco Jewels, said: "This unveiling represents a milestone for the history of Bayco and the industry. This gem is a representation of the exquisite high standards of our brand.

"To follow the essence of our history is to continue to create or discover one of a kind treasures that are not attainable by many but befall a treasure to some."

Bayco hosted an hour long press conference for the unveiling of The Imperial Emerald, a stone that has achieved the highest grade certificates from global gemmological bodies Gubelin, AGL, GIA, C. Dunaigre Consulting, and GRS.

The stone has also been given its own Gem Portrait by Gubelin, a JewelFolio by AGL, and Monographby the GIA, books made by each laboratory and reserved only for extremely rare and exceptional stones.



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