50-strong crowd tackles Ernest Jones robbers

London pedestrians use brooms, cars and muscle to foil £40k robbery.

It was the power of the people that foiled a robbery at an Ernest Jones store in London yesterday.

A motorbike gang smashed its way into the store in Kensignton with hammers and grabbed £400,000 worth of Rolex and Breitling watches at about 10.40am yesterday morning, but before they could escape with the loot a group of passers-by wrestled with them, retrieving most of the stock.

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Three of the four smash-and-grab robbers escaped from the scene after dropping most of the watches, but one offender was tackled by a 50-strong crowd, pulled off his bike and pinned to the ground until the police arrived 10 minutes later.

Witnesses describe a scene of chaos outside the Ernest Jones store as the crowd of pedestrians desperately tried to grabble with robbers. The gang threatened the crowd with hammers while passing cars blocked off the road, groups of men jumped on the robbers and one passing street sweeper even used his broom to knock one of the robbers on the head.

As the chaos ensued, the Ernest Jones staff took shelter inside the store. Store assistant manager Sonal Koria told the Evening Standard: “I was absolutely petrified. We ran to the back of the shop and hid there. They didn’t take much but this is the second time it has happened in three months.”

A spokesman from the Met Police said that the man detained at the scene had been arrested and another three members of the gang were picked up by police later that day.



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