a.b. art shows complementary jewellery & watches

Step-by-step jewellery sits cheek by jowl with a.b. art watch lines.

Jewellery and watches have never sat side-by-side more comfortably than at the a.b. art stand on The Boulevard.

a.b. art, a UK distributor that trades under the same name as its flagship watch brand, is also showing Step-by-Step jewellery, which almost exactly matches the branding and position of the a.b. art watches.

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“The two brands share the same philosophy and design ideas – designed by purists, engineered by Swiss,” explained David Shoesmith, managing director for a.b. art.

Step-by-Step is attracting interest from independent jewellers, galleries and fashion boutiques. The clean, engineered styles in bold monchrome and red are made from steel and aluminium, and retail in the £100 to £300 price range.




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