A fun, open-minded workplace will boost creativity

Listening to your employees will ensure your customers are cared for.

By Vashi Dominguez

In a climate where it often seems that customer experience has been put aside for continually discounted prices, have companies forgotten that brand perception and word of mouth promotion can be more valuable in the long term?

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I have been involved in sales since I was 19 years old and have learned that customer service is imperative to any business. The key to excellent customer service is being surrounded by high standards.

Firstly, create a great work atmosphere. Without providing your staff with positivity you can’t expect them to deliver positivity through their service. An environment which is fun and open-minded will breed more creativity than a stagnant office. By engaging your staff and keeping them well informed of all company news and goings-on you will ensure they engage with the customer as well as each other.

At Diamond Manufacturers we make sure that everyone receives the highest training for their role, resulting in them becoming jewellery and diamond experts. They can then feel confident when it comes to advising our customers.

We further empower the team by making them account managers. Each account manager has their own clients and budget to manage. We very much trust the judgement of our team; after all, they are the people talking directly to our customers. It is this course of action that has led to the team receiving more than 700 five-star reviews via our review centre.

I constantly encourage my staff to feed back to me any thoughts and ideas to improve the way in which we deal with our customers. This, combined with training and re-training as required, keeps our customer service at an exceptional level and again retains the engagement of the team.

Consumers have grown far more knowledgeable in recent years, researching every aspect of a purchase and informing online communities via review sites and social media. Nowadays it is largely customer service which makes a company stand out. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth.

I now employ a team of 16 at Diamond Manufacturers, all of whom are vital to the brand’s success. They love what they do and show it through actions such as hand-delivering rings and going the extra mile to help arrange proposals. We don’t just sell and dispatch, we advise and discuss and are genuinely thanked every day by our customers.

Consumers nowadays buy into the spirit of the brand; this is extended to staff too. Your employees are your brand; they are the people that stay loyal to you long after they leave – as long as you treat them with the respect and honesty they deserve.

Vashi Dominguez is the chief executive and founder of Diamond Manufacturers (soon to be rebranded as Vashi.com). This column was taken from the June issue of Professional Jeweller. To read the issue online, click here.



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