Aagaard to launch e-tail site with a difference

System will see company give retailers 80% cut of all online sales.

Danish jewellery brand Aagaard – home of Lovelinks and the recently acquired Kranz & Ziegler – is on the cusp of launching its e-commerce site, but with a retailer-friendly difference.

The new Aagaard site is due for launch in the coming weeks, says Aagaard’s brand manager Jan Gubi Wichmann. It will offer its ranges online, but online sales will not come from a single warehouse or distribution centre.

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Instead Aagaard has come up with a system which strengthens its relations with its retailers by offering customer services through local stockists of the brand’s jewellery. If a customer has a query or needs a repair they can use the local retailers as a middleman to help facilitate proceedings. Online invoices will list the location of the nearest Aagaard stockist.

The online shopping experience will begin in Denmark this month and will then expand to include the UK and other countries.

Wichmann said to Professional Jeweller: "As a wholesaler we have a great respect for what our retailers do for us, so this is our way of giving something back while continuiing to support them."

Wichmann has said the new  process means that the company is not taking business away from its retailers, instead it is running a form of ‘local’ webshop for Aagaard customers. The retailer will take a majority cut from each order, meaning that the stock they hold has twice the chance of selling.

To date, Aagaard does not have standalone stores in the UK.




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