Andrew Geoghegan unveils 50% tougher platinum

Designer spends months researching and testing metal for cast rings.

Andrew Geoghegan has today announced the development of a new platinum alloy said to be 50% more hard-wearing than regular cast platinum used in the UK.

Geoghegan has spent several month researching, trialling and testing the metal, developing a new hardening process. He will now use the platinum alloy, which maintains its 950 purity, for all of his cast rings. He says it offers increased durability, longevity and quality.

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He worked on the development of the alloy after noticing infrequent but recurring issues with the tensile strength in platinum cast pieces. His decision to use a tougher platinum alloy follows months of research and extensive testing at the Assay Office. Geoghegan has developed a hardening technique that he says gives "consistently outstanding results".

He said of the platinum alloy: “It has always been thought that platinum is super tough in all jewellery applications. However in certain forms of jewellery the lack of tensile strength of regular cast metal can be problematic.

"We started to see a handful of returns in one design but only in platinum. This started a long process of searching and testing until we were happy we had something quite incredible. We are the only company in the UK using this platinum for production and our exhaustive trials with hardening the metal has improved the alloy even further.”

Geoghegan currently works with 18ct gold and platinum to create a range of bridal, wedding and cocktail rings using diamonds and coloured gemstones.

In 2012 Geoghegan created a ring using feedback and opinion from a poll run on Facebook, said to be the "world’s first Facebook ring".




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