Annoushka to host pop-up shop in London hotel

Boutique will be held in cocktail lounge of Knightsbridge’s Jumeirah.

Fine jewellery brand Annoushka is opening a three-day pop-up shop at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in London’s Knightsbridge, beginning June 28.

The boutique will be hosted in the GILT Cocktail Lounge at the Jumeirah, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a hotel. It will be open to both hotel guests and members of the public.

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Annoushka will present a selection of one-off, exclusive pieces from her own collection as well as showcasing new pieces from two of guest designers, Wendy Yue and Bochic.

Annoushka will be showcasing three of her collections, the Chilli Collection inspired by the vibrant forms and colours of the piles of chilies she saw while travelling through Guatemala in Chichicastenango market, her new Granulation collection inspired by a recent trip to a workshop in Bali and the finer Lattice collection said to capture the intricate patterns of Lattice doors, screens and windows in different cultures.


Guest designers Wendy Yue and Bochic will also show off collections, and are similarly stocked in Annoushka’s Sloane Street store. Yue’s work is renowned across the Far East and Europe for its beautiful intricacy and elegance, while designs by Bochic duo Miriam Salat and David Joseph strive to capture the essence of women in their fashion-forward jewellery creations.




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