Anthony Roussel joins Platinum Heritage Collection

Designer ready for transition from laser-cut wood to precious metal.

Jewellery designer Anthony Roussel has been announced as the third designer to join this year’s Platinum Heritage Collection.

Orchestrated by Green Street jewellers PureJewels, the Platinum Heritage Collection has already seen Sarah Ho and Cara Tonkin join its ranks for the 2011 collection. Roussel is recognised for his layered wooden jewellery, but is formally trained in metalwork. 

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Roussel said: "I am known for working with natural materials, so it is a bold statement to invite me to create a platinum piece of jewellery", adding "This opportunity gives emerging designers a fighting chance to show the industry what we really can do."

Roussel’s reocognisable wood bangles and neckpieces are made from layers of laser-cut wood, which create intricate, sculptural designs inspired by the epic sweep of the British coastline and a passion for modern architecture.

Despite his training in traditional metalwork, Roussel discovered his real love for materials in wood after being introduced to working with various species by a violin maker.

Jayant Raniga brand manager with PureJewels, said he was delighted that Anthony has joined the talented roster of designers developing the Platinum Heritage Collection. Raniga said: "Anthony impressed us on so many levels, we were overwhelmed by his sensitivity to materials and traditional techniques, combined with his cutting-edge aesthetic and use of new technologies."

Raniga added "Platinum Heritage will enable Anthony to work in new materials and we can’t wait to see his approach to designing in platinum."

Roussel is said to have been impressed by Jayant’s enthusiasm and strong vision for the PureJewels brand, adding, “He has a good understanding of my own personal journey.”

PureJewels is rapidly becoming known for supporting the talents of young designers and is continuing its work with some of the 2010 Platinum Heritage Collection designers. This year’s collection is the second edition of the collection, and will be inspired by the story of the PureJewels which traces its roots to India and Africa.

PureJewels will announce the names of the other designers who will craft the 2011 Platinum Heritage Collection in the next few weeks, and will launch the pieces at a special event to be held during London Jewellery Week, which will take place from June 6-12.



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