BJA chief exec takes VP role on CIBJO panel

Simon Rainer to represent UK jewellery industry on global stage.

British Jewellers’ Association chief executive Simon Rainer has been appointed as a vice-president of the Association Executive Networking Commission, part of the World Jewellery Confederation’s (CIBJO) .

Working alongside trade association commission executives from Canada, South Africa, Australia and France, the commission’s role is to develop networking strategies that will allow CIBJO trade association members to effectively communicate key industry issues.

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Rainer said: “With over 40 worldwide trade associations having CIBJO membership, this represents a perfect opportunity to voice and discuss key UK jewellery and BJA membership issues on a world stage.

“I am looking forward to making my first presentation at the CIBJO Congress in mid March and in particular exploring the views and concerns of fellow members regarding the huge ethical debate.”

CIBJO is an international confederation of national jewellery trade organisations. CIBJO’s purpose is to encourage harmonisation, promote international cooperation in the jewellery industry, and to consider issues which concern the trade worldwide. Foremost among these, it claims, is to protect consumer confidence in the industry.



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