BJGF members to vote on name change

Rebranding push as trade associations join forces.

Members of the British Jewellery Giftware & Finishing Federation (BJGF) will be asked to vote on whether the organisation should change its name to better reflect the group’s ongoing diversification.

The BJGF today released a statement confirming that the British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA) had joined the group, reaffirming its strategy of encouraging other appropriate trade associations to unite under its umbrella.

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Following that announcement, the BJGF insists it is the “right time” to sanction a special resolution to vote upon a change in name and will give members the chance to do just that at its AGM on 23rd June.

The BJGF Board has already discussed the prospect of a name change with its Federated Trade Association heads, who agree that a more neutral moniker will encourage more trade associations to join the Federation.

The proposed new name of the BJGF Federation is the British Allied Trades Federation (Jewellery, Giftware, Home and Finishing) — BATF.

The enlarged Federation will comprise BHETA, the Giftware Association, British Jewellers’ Association, Surface Engineering Association, British Travelgoods and Accessories Association and the Jewellery Distributors Association.

The BJGF is confident that with the planned expansion will bring it greater strength and a louder voice when raising issues to government and other regional, national and international bodies.

Speaking about the addition of BHETA, David Metcalfe, president of the BJGF Federation, said: “I am of course delighted that two great trade institutions are coming together to the advantage of members of each organisation. I look forward to working closely with our colleagues at BHETA to develop enhanced benefits for members in the exciting time ahead.”

BHETA would remain an autonomous trade association within the Federation.



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