Blowing in the Wind with the Lacey Oak this Autumn

Brand introduces new jewellery collection featuring real leaves.

Jewellery brand Blowing in the Wind has announced it will be introducing a new collection, featuring pieces inspired and composed by the Lacey Oak.

The line, which is available to buy now, features hand picked real leaves, preserved with different finishes.

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Finishes include gold, silver, brass, copper, iridescent and vintage silver. Necklaces can be worn as a choker or at a full necklace length and come in branded cotton pouches.

The Lacey Oak is a small to medium sized deciduous shade tree mostly grown in central and south Texas, its leaves are leathery and range from dusky blue to blue-gray to grayish green. Their fall color ranges from pink or peach to gold and are quite small in comparison to other oaks, which make them ideal for jewellery. This particular oak is grown primarily to protect the species.

Leaves that are currently available from Blowing in the Wind include the Cottonwood, Aspen, Lacey Oak, Birch and the Sugar Canadian Maple in various sizes.



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