Boticca launches customer Instagram gallery

Jewellery site allows shoppers to share photos of them wearing jewels.

Online jewellery and accessories retailer Boticca has launched a new feature called the Gallery, encouraging its customers to upload Instagram images of themselves wearing products bought from Boticca.

The London-based business has partnered with US start-up Olapic to push social commerce further and showcase users’ Instagram photos and regular photography into the Gallery.

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The new feature was launched today and will help to drive shares and social media buzz about Boticca.

Boticca co-founders and Professional Jeweller Hot 100 Retail Stars Avid Larizadeh and Kiyan Foroughi decided to launch the Gallery feature having noticed the influence of "street style" on a large portion of sales on the website.

Larizadeh said: “We were keen to harness the power of street style which we had seen with bloggers, who, as everyday people with great style, are a fantastic shopping inspiration to customers. Understandably, customers are now wary of brand imagery due to the much-publicised issue of image manipulation and magazine editorial, with its huge budgets and tiny models, feels unrealistic and detached from reality.

"Shoppers are disillusioned by the imagery presented by the fashion industry and crying out for something real. This is what the Boticca Gallery feature is about: real people wearing our products, transporting the aspirational dream of these beautiful pieces into reality, and showing how great they look in everyday life.”

The Gallery already features 200 photographs of pieces available to buy from, taken by customers and designers and posted on Instagram using the hashtag #Boticca. A link to the Gallery appears on the homepage, alongside The Edit, a selection of photographs curated by Boticca’s visual merchandisers.

The photographs in the Gallery can then be added to product pages alongside the standard brand photography, to show shoppers the different ways that real people have worn and styled the products.

Boticca currently works with fashion bloggers and has a strong social media presence with about 35,000 Twitter followers, more than 50,000 Facebook fans, 50,000 Pinterest followers, 3,000 Tumblr followers and close to 2,000 Instagram followers.  



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