BRIDAL TREND: Bi-metallic wedding bands

How the humble wedding band merges tradition with modern design.

Bi-metallic bands have fallen in and out of favour over the years, but it would seem that they are officially back as a number of leading manufacturers re-introduce them to wedding band offers.

Domino has created a new range of bi-metallic rings with a difference that it showcased to buyers for the first time at The Jewellery Show last month. That difference is that when worn the ring’s use of twin metals goes undetected as the rings have an 18ct white gold outer and use yellow or rose gold for the inside of the ring.

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This secretive use of two metals is less about making a statement to the outside world and more about offering a classic ring with a quirky twist – and sales pitch – that will no doubt appeal to classically styled gents who want something a little off the beaten track, but not too much. It also offers the tradition of yellow gold and the look of white.

Charles Green has also invested in bi-metallic bands this year. “Our two-colour rings, and rose rings, have had a mini resurgence in the last few months, something we feel is going to continue into 2013,” says Charles Green head of design Pip Beale.

This trends feature was taken from the February issue of Professional Jeweller. To read the issue online, click here.




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