Bulova starts deliveries across the UK

The company initiates a major advertising campaign this September.

Bulova has started distribution across the country this week in its first step towards becoming a major player in the UK.

The company, which launched its new UK subsidiary earlier this month, will be selling the Bulova and Bulova Accutron product ranges through retailers across the country.

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Bulova UK general manager Gordon Dickens said: “We would ultimately like to have a similar level of distribution as major brands in Uk – that is not to say everywhere. We do see ourselves as a future major player.”

The general manager claimed the company would eventually seek to have a couple of stockists in each area, but that he does not want its products to be de-valued through over-saturation of the market. He said it would be launching a major advertising campaign this September to support distribution and raise awareness.

Bulova will also be introducing new products to the UK, in addition to its existing product ranges.

Accutron was the first watch manufacturer to introduce the electronic watch and it showed a 50th anniversary replica of the first electronic watch this week at the Company of Master Jewellers (CMJ) buyers’ meeting in Birmingham, which brought together many of the biggest names from across the jewellery industry. It was the first the company had attended the event.

A party also took place at the event to celebrate CMJ’s 30th anniversary, at which Dicken’s claimed Bulova had received ‘a rousing welcome.’

The company also exhibited new watch Precisionist, which is yet to be released and is unique for its accuracy and sweeping second hand. This means that whereas the average watch will slip 15 to 20 seconds a month, the Precisionist will slip only 10 seconds a year.

This is achieved through a three pronged quartz movement, as opposed to the standard two, which increases accuracy by a factor of eight.

The watch will be officially launched worldwide this September.



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