Business strategy doesn’t have to be complicated

Michael Donaldson on improving performance, productivity and profits.

By Michael Donaldson

Until recently I was commercial director at Cookson Precious Metals where my responsibilities over my time there included almost every commercial aspect of business such as the catalogue, website, call centre, counters and sales to retailers, as well as being a member of the UK and European Executive.

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In every business I have worked in and almost every customer and supplier I have met, the managers and leaders are tasked with improving performance, increasing productivity and of course growing the profit. In my new business role as The Value Innovator I offer proven management advice that will help them in these key areas, as I engage dynamically and enthusiastically with their people, product and process.

I started the company after many months of meetings with, and advice from, former colleagues, friends, customers, suppliers, associations, even competitors. The resounding message was that I have a lot of expertise and experience that could add value to businesses especially in the jewellery sector which is currently facing a number of challenges that we are all familiar with: record metal prices, global consolidation, branding, social, ethical and environmental demands, and dramatic changes in consumer tastes and of course reduced margins.

At the beginning of September I attended International Jewellery London where I had a number of conversations with owners and directors looking for assistance in launching new products more effectively, moving into related market sectors, wanting to get a project back on track or seeking an input into their future business strategy.

People are often so daunted by the thought of strategy that they ignore it or they approached it as a one off task and are surprised when they end up with little more than a list of tasks. Business strategy doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does involve some tough decisions about the future shape of a business and in particular, answering the key questions of what business you want to be in, how you’re going to achieve your goals and what impact it will have on your people, product and process.

Part of my skill lies in helping others to answer these questions, bringing clarity, direction and importantly ownership to your strategy, so if you are seeking to make significant improvements in the performance, productivity and profit of your company, please contact me or head to the Value Innovator website for more information about how I could help you and your business.




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