Casio launches Bluetooth watch at CES

Brand’s Bluetooth device will allow for call and email alerts

Casio has unveiled a new prototype Bluetooth watch at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Featuring Casio’s bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology, the prototype is said to be an improvement on the disappointing battery life seen on previous models from Sony Ericsson and LG.

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The Casio watch is powered on a single watch-style coin battery and would connect to a smartphone allowing a host of features and two-way communication. Its functions should allow for call and email alerts, phone locating ability, global time sync and expanded functionality from application support, all based within the phone’s operating system.

Although still a prototype the watch the BLE technology may be available on Casio MR-G or Oceanus models with these features. However, it’s likely the BLE technology will be required on any paired phone or PC for the syncing of the watch to operate in full.



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