Clogau Gold creates shop-in-shop concept

Brand stresses concept is an option not a requirement for retailers.

Clogau Gold has created a shop-in-shop concept that it is offering to its retailer customers.

The concept is available in an array of sizes. A full-sized shop-in-shop complete with TV screen showing Clogau Gold campaigns costs £5,000, with no stock included.

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Clogau Gold managing director Ben Roberts said that the development of the Clogau Gold shop-in-shop concept has been spurred on by the increasing number of brands creating similar concepts. “If we’re not careful some of our stockists are going to dedicate a part of their shop to another brand, and to me that’s losing territory,” he said.

However, Roberts was quick to say that the shop-in-shop option is just that, an option. “Where we differ from some of the brands is that we won’t force it on our retailers,” he said.

The Welsh gold jewellery brand said that they had achieved 100 percent uptake to date with the shop in shop. Clogau Gold brand manager Sonia Menezes, who joined the brand from Hot Diamonds earlier this year, said: “It isn’t a hard sell and it shouldn’t be. For the retailers that already do really well with the brand, we are giving them the best possible retail concept for them to work with.”



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