Cookson acquired by Heimerle + Meule

Business to operate as normal in UK with re-brand as Cooksongold.

Birmingham-based Cookson Precious Metals has been acquired by German refiner Heimerle + Meule, joining one of the Europe’s largest precious metal groups.

The takeover of Cookson is not anticipated to affect the business, with the company stating that it will continue to trade as normal. The only major change will be re-branding of the business as Cooksongold and its logos.

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The acquisition of Cooksongold brings Heimerle + Meule’s total European bases to five. As well as Cooksongold in the UK, Heimerle + Meule now owns Cookson CLAL in France, SEMPSA JP in Spain, Drijfhout in the Netherlands and Koutadly in Portugal.

Cooksongold managing director Richard Oldroyd said: “Customers won’t notice any changes to our existing products or services as a result of this exciting acquisition.

“By becoming part of Heimerle + Meule, Cooksongold will be able to improve the range of products, and levels of service, that we provide to customers in the UK and abroad.”

Cooksongold customers will be able to benefit from wider product base and services from across Europe following the takeover.
In the UK the new business will continue to offer the same range of products and services to the trade, including bespoke manufacturing capabilities, precious metal scrap refining, mint and coin blank service plus its direct metal laser sintering technology.

A company spokesman for Heimerle + Meule said: “A leading precious metal group has now been formed in Europe, which is better able to respond to your needs, and market developments, quickly.

“The companies of this new group can only complement each other. We look forward to a shining precious metal future.”
Heimerle + Muele is Germany’s oldest gold and silver refinery, founded back in 1845.



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