Could Police be the next Orange Wednesday?

How the watch brand is building a community with tickets and holidays.

Not only is Police spending £500,000 on giving away experiences of a lifetime that include flying a fighter jet in Russia, it is also launching a members-only club that could be the Orange Wednesdays of the watch industry. Get you PoS at the ready, it’s going to be one hell of a ride, as Rachael Taylor discovers. 

At some point in their lives nearly every man has indulged in his own private Top Gun fantasies. And who hasn’t dreamed of taking a dip in the Indian Ocean to swim with tropical fishes? Or maybe the celebrity lifestyle is more your thing, in say Cannes, LA or Barbados?

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All these experiences and more make up what is, to date, Police Watches’ most expensive consumer marketing campaign, branded Beyounique. At a cost of £500,000, it is hoping for some serious return on investment, but with such awe-inspiring prizes on offer it is hard to imagine this campaign flopping.

The brand will give away one of 12 holiday experiences each month, starting this month. The competition is open to any consumer who buys a Police watch and has received a Beyounique membership card. To enter, all they have to do is log on to the dedicated website and tap in the code.

If customers fail to win one month, their entry is rolled over to the next. While Police and UK distributor Inter-City Watches (ICW) are hoping for stellar sales as a result of the campaign, they won’t be expecting shoppers to buy a watch each month, jokes ICW Swiss divisional manager Gareth Somers. He adds: “They can also get another shot at the competition by referring a friend.”

Somers says that running the campaign is not just about driving sales, but about building brand awareness and creating a little club that shoppers can feel part of. While the 12 holiday experiences are the headline attraction of the competition, the Beyounique card acts as a loyalty card throughout the year, giving members discounts on everyday experiences such as renting films from Blockbuster, buying gifts from retailer Mankind or visiting an Odeon cinema. Police will also be giving away free subscriptions to GQ magazine as part of a regular prize draw.

While ICW is keen to build the brand, at a retail level the competition and membership scheme could be a very clever way to get shoppers in stores. Much like the Orange Wednesdays cinema scheme has mushroomed over the past eight years, with friends – particularly the teen and young adult market – joining the telephone network to keep up with contemporaries, the Police campaign has the potential to have a similar effect and the necessity to be a part of Beyounique could even become more important than owning a Police watch.

While this is a scenario that most brands would baulk at, including Police no doubt, it has worked wonders for Orange. When hesitating between service providers the allure of Orange Wednesdays has no doubt swayed many a decision more than the tarriff offers from Orange itself. The scheme has also since rolled out the deal through a partnership with Pizza Express to offer a two-for-one deal on pizzas, encouraging customers to go for pizza and a movie on Wednesdays.

Police has created a wide range of point-of-sale materials to support the campaign and communicate it effectively at a retail level. Branded Beyounique goods include pens, keyrings, cabinets, cardboard cut-outs, window displays and sales guides for staff

In a world of social networks, group discounts websites and a demand for multi-faceted products, the creation of an exclusive club that stretches further than the big-prize competition and beyond the watch sphere to offer members everyday offers that they will want to take advantage of on a regular basis could cause an unprecedented spike in brand loyalty. And while the brand might shudder at the thought of the fad becoming bigger than the product, it would be highly unlikely it would feel the same about the associated sales figures.


The prizes

  • Drive a super jeep in Iceland
  • Live the A-list lifestyle in Cannes
  • Go snowmobiling in Bulgaria
  • Live it up on a private island off the coast of Rio
  • Fly fighter jets in Russia
  • Learn how to make cocktails in Barbados
  • Go skiing in the desert in Dubai
  • Go diving in the Maldives
  • Take a helicopter ride over Chicago
  • Take a bullet train in Tokyo
  • Drive a convertible from LA to Las Vegas
  • Fly a Microlight aircraft in Cambodia



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