Cred receives second ethical business award

Company scoops Guardian Sustainable Business Award.

By Jessica Knowles

Cred has been awarded a Guardian Sustainable Business Award (GSBA) for its accomplishment in creating the first transparent supply chain from mine to consumer for precious metals.

Thisllatest award follow’s last month prize at the People and Environment Business Awards (PEAB). The ethical jewellery company said both awards recognise Cred’s decade of work on Fairtrade gold mining, a process that it recently extended to silver with the launch of the world’s first Fairtrade silver.

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The Guardian Sustainable Business Award was focused on both SMEs and large corporations. Cred was shortlisted against international companies and thier initatives including Nestle and its new Responsible Sourcing and Traceability programme and M&S partners Impactt Ltd, a leading consultancy specialising in human rights, labour standards, gender and international development.

Cred marketing manager Niki Clarke said of the win: "We are looking forwards to celebrating and sharing these award wins with the miners both here and on their home turf. Cred are committed to building lasting relationships with the miners to create a supply chain which has added benefits at both ends; for the miners and the consumers."



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