Damiani revives watch manufacturing plans

Brand plans to open Swiss manufacturing base in next few years

Damiani has plans to launch a watch manufacturing company in Switzerland to bolster its watch offer.

The luxury brand has been designing Swiss-made watches for the past 10 years but the timepieces have always played a secondary role next to its jewellery. Damiani had plans in place to open a watch manufacturing site before the recession but was forced to put these plans on hold until the financial situation recovered.

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The plan is now being revived but the brand will not put it into action until it feels the market is ready and so a Damiani watch manufacturing plant may still be some years away.

Damiani vice-president Silvia Damiani said: “We would like to be more prominent in the watch field. [The manufacturing company] is something that we will eventually do but we want to do it when we’re 100% prepared.”



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