DeJoria Diamonds launches 3D animation service

Real-vision service removes need to visit high street jewellers.

In a move the company describes as taking engagement ring buying to the next level, customers will be able to view a ring as it would look on their finger from the comfort of their home.

Through computer graphics, the ‘real-vision’ service offers buyers the opportunity to see an image of the ring on a 3D hand. This image can be rotated by 360 degrees, enabling customers to see the item from a number of different perspectives.

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DeJoria Diamonds managing director Simon Wiser believes this could change the way people buy jewellery, believing that if they can effectively view and buy jewellery online, they may prefer to avoid paying high street prices.

Wiser said: “We speak to many people who want to buy diamond jewellery online but are concerned because they can’t see how a particular diamond ring will look on their finger. As a result, our 3D virtual hand animation, together with the 360 degree rotating animation facilities, allow the visitor to see exactly how the ring will look on their hand, further alleviating the need for people looking to buy, say, a diamond engagement ring from paying high-street prices.”

He added: “Not only are we now providing 3D animations for diamond rings, we are also enabling our customers to set the exact diamond size to suit their budget to further assist them in making an informed buying decision.”

DeJoria Diamonds was founded in 2004 by US billionaire John Paul DeJoria. DeJoria is the founder of Paul Mitchell hair care and Patron, the world’s leading premium tequila and Jonathan Kendrick of ROK, a leading UK-based technologies company.



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