Demand for coloured jewellery on the rise

Ti Sento sells out of multiple colours as buyers & shoppers get brave.

Jewellery buyers are becoming bolder when selecting colourways, according to Italian fashion jewellery brand Ti Sento.

Ti Sento UK sales manager Judith Wade said she has noticed a shift in UK buying patterns, with retailers buying in a selection of colourways rather than favouring a single colour as has been the trend in past seasons. And feedback from retailers has been that shoppers are buying a selection of different colours of jewellery and then mixing and matching them together.

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Wade said: “This season we are selling out of coral, turquoise, tortoiseshell and mother of pearl; there doesn’t seem to be a preference. Retailers are buying it all and consumers are buying it all.”

Wade said she was unsure of the reason behind the shift in buying behaviour, but said that it could be attributed to the warmer weather or a braver, less frugal consumer and retailer mindset as a result of the improving economy.



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