Devon’s Doble loses £50k of uninsured stock

Jeweller puts up reward for information leading to capture of thieves.

Doble Jewellers in Brixham has been targeted by a smash-and-grab gang that managed to steal £50,000 of uninsured valuables.

Three masked men used pickaxes to smash into the window display – which was protected behind 11mm-thick double-laminated security windows – at the shop yesterday afternoon. The gang then flew to a getwaway car but in the scramble managed to drop an estimated £10,000 worth of their haul, which included watches, gold jewellery and silver jewellery.

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Doble Jewellers has put up a £1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the gang and Torquay CID are currently appealing for information.

“The shop is a mess; it’s been destroyed, obliterated," Doble Jewellers managing director John Doble told local newspaper the Herald Express. "They must have spent a lot of time trying to get in because these are the sort of windows which can take a hit from a tank."

Doble said that the jewellers, which has a five shops in Devon, has experienced robberies in the past but that this week’s raid has been the worst that the company has ever experienced.

None of the jewellery that was stolen in the raid was insured, leaving Doble Jewellers out of pocket. Doble said: "Jewellers don’t have insurance any more. I don’t know of any which do."

Doble added that no customers’ jewellery had been taken in the raid as this had been secured in a separate safe and said that he hopes the shop will be up and running again this week.

Devon & Cornwall Police detective constable Steve Fleetwood said: "This was a very professional and determined attack in which a pickaxe was used to smash through the windows. It’s vital we hear from anyone who may have knowledge of who may have done this. The reward might just tempt them to come forward.”



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