Diamond dealer robbed of €1m of stones

Uninsured Noah Stefancki loses life savings

Diamond dealer Noah Stefancki has been robbed of €1m (£873,880) of uninsured loose diamonds and rubies after being targeted on the road in Ballymun, Ireland.

Stefancki was attacked by a group of three armed men in the bedroom of his Travelodge hotel after flying into Dublin airport. He had travelled from Southampton to meet with local jewellers.

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The dealer is reported to have been hit on the head with a hammer trying to tackle the thieves who escaped with the jewels and cash. Stefancki was uninsured and has told police that he has lost his life savings in the raid.

Local police have said that the robbery was an opportunistic crime and that the thieves may have underestimated the value of the haul. They added that this may attract the attention of members of organized crime who may seize on the local criminals and demand a slice of the proceeds.



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