DMJ launch Timebeads in 200 US jewellery stores

Distributor soft launches watch bead collection at Kay Jewelers

Timebeads, one of the newest brands launched by DMJ, has been placed across 200 jewellery stores in the United States.

The miniature watch beads, designed to fit charm bead bracelets, are available at Kay Jewelers, a chain retailer owned by Signet Group’s US division.

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Speaking to Professional Jeweller at Spring Fair, DMJ founder Darren McCormick described the current launch as a "test", with the potential of rolling the brand out across Kay’s 900 stores. 

Kay’s has its own Charmed Memories bead collection which includes silver, Swarovski and murano glass charms retailing from $14.99. The Kay’s website boasts the Create Your own Memories functionality, allowing consumers to virtually create their own bracelets, mixing and matching beads to suit personal tastes.

Timebeads have been designed to fit any brand of charm bead bracelet and have Seiko’s tiny YL50 movement, said to be one of the smallest in the world. Made from stainless steel and available in five colours, the watch beads retail from £79-£85.


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