eBay and the JSA team up

The online marketplace helps to combat jewellery crime

Taking matters into its own hands, online marketplace eBay has launched a partnership with the Jeweler’s Security Alliance (JSA) in America to tackle the increasing spate of jewellery crimes that have been taking place on its website.

The crime prevention program is being put in place by the auction website and the JSA to allow for greater sharing of information to help the FBI, as well as state and local law enforcement agencies, in a group effort to curb jewellery losses. The partnership also hopes to help expose fraudulent jewellery rings.

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JSA president John Kennedy said, “eBay has invested substantial resources and is making great progress in assisting law enforcement agencies and loss prevention professionals in tracking illegal behaviour.

“Our partnership will further help stop criminals from fencing their stolen jewellery by providing additional information and expertise so that law enforcement can fight jewellery crime more effectively.”

With a global customer base of around 233 million it’s no surprise that the website has had problems with fraud. In June a fake gemmologist was convicted of deception via the site and Tiffany & Co have also been in legal battles with eBay following fakes and knock-offs being prevalent on site.



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