Erykah Badu showcases her own jewellery line

Soul singer launches Baduwings and Earwing

Controversial neo-soul singer, Erkah Badu, has announced that she will be launching her own line of jewellery at the end of August named Baduwings and Earwing.

Badu’s performance at Chicago music festival, Lollapalooza, saw her sport a pair of huge gold earrings (similar to the ones pictured) which she later revealed are part of her forthcoming range and will be available via her website

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The pieces are currently only available from the merchandising stalls at her shows but the earrings, plus otheritems in her Funktional Art collection, will be obtainable in late-August or early September on the website. Speaking to Billboard Badu said that she had already made arrangements to sell them in boutiques in Chicago, Dallas, New York, London and Paris.

"It’s the beginning of a new thing for me” she explained, “I’m working with different designers to come up with things that fit me and fit the fans who support me and fit the women who feel free and can fly."