Fairtrade Q&A: Jon Dibben, Jon Dibben Jewellery

On couples opting for Fairtrade Fairmined to give something back.

Professional Jeweller’s March 2013 issue takes an in-depth look at the development of Fairtrade Fairmined gold in the UK, from client demand through to supply chain issues, pricing and marketing. Jeweller Jon Dibben was one of the original Fairtrade Fairmined licensees. He says demand for FTFM jewellery is on the up.

Professional Jeweller: Tell us about your experience of working with Fairtrade Fairmined gold and its demand to date
Jon Dibben: It’s definitely growing, from a slow start. In the beginning it was very much about education; creating an interest. Now we have been involved with a few Fairtrade Foundation promotions, we are seeing more people approaching us for Fairtrade Fairmined pieces.

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PJ: As a fine jewellery designer are you set to use certified Fairtrade Fairmined platinum and silver?
JD: We have been waiting in anticipation for the platinum to come on line, as pre Fairtrade Fairmined gold, the majority of our work was in platinum. We already have our first commission for a pair of handmade wedding rings.

PJ: Does your average consumer have an awareness of Fairtrade, or is it something you introduce them to?
JD: Fortunately we have the golden "bananas and coffee" line, which instantly puts people in the right head space in terms of trust and awareness. As a generalisation, those that have commissioned pieces from us in Fairtrade are [in their] 30s, intelligent, educated couples wanting to do the right thing when they get engaged or married or older, retired couples, celebrating anniversaries and liking the idea that Fairtrade Fairmined gives something back.

PJ: What are your views on supply supply chain issues, for example stone sourcing, price points and FTFM findings?
JD: Gemstones and diamonds are still difficult, although there are options out there. Chain and Findings in FTFM would be great, but not holding my breath, due to the volume needed.

PJ: What do you think needs to happen in the UK, or globally, to increase demand and awareness of Fairtrade and ethical practises when it comes to precious metals?
JD: More time and money invested in the publicity, some celebrity endorsements and ambassadors would be good.




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