Family jeweller ‘forced’ to close on Christmas Eve after 70 years of trading


A third generation family jeweller in Barnsley is to shut shop on Christmas Eve after 70 years of operations because of a ‘lack of council support’ in demolition plans.

H Warner, which is run by Keith Warner, is one jewellery retailer which has had to close instead of relocate. Some retailers who have had to fold blamed ‘lack of council support’, the BBC reported.

Warner told the BBC that regular customers had been crying after the closure was announced. He said: “My grandfather started the jewellery business with a few watches and trinkets.

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“People have been coming in crying because we’re not going to be here anymore. Warner’s is an institution. I want to cry. It’s tearful.”

At one time the retailer had six outlets – one in Wombwell, Leeds, Meadowhall, Selby, and two in Barnsley – a market stall and a shop.

The business announced its closure as plans to demolish Barnsley Markets went ahead as part of a £41 million town centre revamp.

Many stores were able to relocate but H Warner. The BBC noted that the local council had consulted businesses interested in relocating.



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