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TOP FIVE: How can retailers engage with the local community to drive consumer loyalty?

TOP FIVE: How can retailers engage with the local community to drive consumer loyalty?

It’s no longer good enough to simply open a new store and hope consumers will wander through the doors. Here, retailers share top tips and ideas on how the industry can embed their business in the local community to engage with consumers and drive loyalty… Support a local charity For many jewellery retailers, the best


Thomas Sabo calls for optimism and unity across the industry

Meeting on the second day of the brand’s wholesale roadshow in London, there’s little wonder why UK managing director, Jon Crossick, and wholesale director, Nick Callegari, are feeling confident for the year ahead. While they are by no means in denial about the tough trading conditions for both branded jewellery and retail in general at

Success in retail boils down to the ‘holy trinity’, claims Jacobs the Jewellers

70-year-old Jacobs the Jewellers has lifted the lid and revealed what business techniques have helped the Reading-based retailer weather the last seven decades of retail. Third generation owner, Adam Jacobs, says that while there are many things retailers can be doing to ensure their businesses are successful, the ‘holy trinity’ is a core foundation. Jacobs

Editor’s View: “Jewellery brands are not going down without a fight”

Heading into 2018, murmurs circulated that the industry would be waving goodbye to branded jewellery. It certainly felt at times like things were going that way, with more and more retailers swapping branded fashion goods for traditional pieces, and unique designs crafted in-house. There’s certainly no denying that jewellers are increasingly making more space for

GUEST COLUMN: A beginner’s guide to diamond pricing

Words by Ehud Laniado I can hardly express my passion about diamond pricing enough. While 2017 has seen diamond prices continue to decline, I believe that retailers who have a sound understanding of diamond prices will be able to purchase in a more cost efficient way and improve their bottom line. I believe diamonds are

TOP FIVE: How jewellers can protect their shops from smash and grab raids

With smash and grab raids and moped attacks on jewellery stores on the rise in the UK, security experts have lifted the lid and provided a tick list for jewellers to protect staff and stock. 1. “What can’t be seen can’t be stolen” Bandit’s sales and marketing director, Neil Christmas, told Professional Jeweller that creating

FEATURE: How F Hinds remains steady during turbulent times

In its latest accounts filed on Companies House, national jewellery retailer F.Hinds reported a small increase in sales from £60.05 million to £61.44 million for the year ended March 26 2017. Talking to Professional Jeweller editor Stacey Hailes at the end of 2017, the company’s director reveals the steady increase in sales continued throughout the

EXCLUSIVE OPINION: What jewellers need to do to win market share in 2018

Samantha Dover, a retail analyst at award-winning market research provider Mintel, reveals key insights from the latest Jewellery and Watches Retailing report, and unpacks what the next 12 months will look like for UK jewellers… The UK jewellery and watch market looks set to become increasingly challenging. Prices are rising and domestic demand is softening

Boodles ranked ‘weak’ in ethical report, but vows to make changes

Boodles ranking by HRW – Weak Boodles is a family-owned UK jeweler, founded in 1798. Its 2016 revenue from jewelry was approximately $57 million. The company operates nine stores in the UK and Ireland, including five in London. Boodles responded to Human Rights Watch’s request for information with a written, detailed letter and met with