Five-day conference to celebrate Gem-A milestones

Goldsmiths Hall to host event with in-depth talks from guest speakers.

The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) is set to celebrate two anniversaries during its five-day conference between November 1 and 5.

Gem-A will celebrate 50 years since the first Gem-A Diamond Diploma was awarded in 1963 while also commemorating the awarding of the first ever Gemmology Diploma to Samuel Barnett in 1908. 

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The Gem-A conference will launch five days of gem-focused networking and study with a preliminary day of workshops that will consider pricing in the coloured stone grading system in depth, with particular focus on green grossularite garnet and zoisite from East Africa. There will also be a workshop on clarity enhancement in emeralds with speakers Richard Drucker, Craig Lynch and Arthur Groom.

The day-long gem seminar will be followed by the annual two-day conference at the Goldsmiths’ Hall where Gem-A will congregate a number of globally-renowned guest speakers and international delegates to discuss a variety of important issues within the gem and jewellery trade.

This year the conference will be focused on the challenges encountered in diamond grading systems, and the process and detection of synthetic diamonds. The coloured gemstone market will also be discussed in depth, including very rare gems and the clarity enhancement of commercial materials.

Guest speakers at the conference will include John Bradshaw, David Callaghan, Dr John Emmett, Dr Emmanuel Fritsch, Arthur Groom, Brian Jackson, Dr Jack Ogden, Sonny Pope, Martin Rapaport, Gary Roskin, Chris Sellors, Shelly Sergent and Dr James Shigley.

Gem-A chief executive James Riley said of the conference: “[It will] welcome many members and friends of Gem-A, which I hope will be a truly memorable event. We have a truly diverse range of speakers and seminars this year which should provide something for everybody. In addition the opportunity to dine at the Goldsmiths’ Hall always makes for a special occasion."

The conference will also a private visit to the Museum of London to see the Cheapside Hoard and the very popular visit to the Natural History Museum.



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