Fund set up to help riot-stricken retailers

Campaign begins to help shop owners back on their feet.


Retail industry charity Retail Trust has launched a Twitter campaign — #highstheroes — to raise funds for retail staff and shopkeepers affected by the UK riots, while setting aside £50,000 to start delivering help to retailers.

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The charity will be allocating grants of £250 to help relieve retail people of immediate difficulties they are experiencing as a result of the riots. 100% of all monies raised will go directly to retail staff, shopkeepers and their families who have fallen victim to the UK riots.

Nigel J L Rothband, CEO of the Retail Trust explains: "Although the visible impact of the riots is clear through the damage done to shops, the story that doesn’t always come through is the deeper impact on those affected below the surface, emotionally, but also practically in terms of how everyday life needs to continue.

"The #highstheroes campaign is to benefit the people from retail affected rather than the property. That’s where Retail Trust’s expertise lies and where we firmly believe focus must not be lost at this most stressful of times."

The emergency fund was set up after a request from the public to Retail Trust who wanted to help retail staff and their families whose lives are in turmoil. #highstheroes was launched on Twitter by the charity and has attracted support from members of the public who are donating online and by text.

Other fundraising events have been organised including raffles, auctions, parties, concerts and comedy nights, as well as running marathons and selling t-shirts in aid of Retail Trust’s #highstheroes fund.

“We have already had a number of people who have nothing directly to do with retail contacting us to see if they can fundraise or help out the retail sector specifically, images of which have dominated the media in terms of headline grabbing devastation,” said Rothband.

Earlier this week, the Retail Trust launched a Blitz-inspired t-shirt bearing the slogan ‘They couldn’t break our spirit then and you can’t break it now!’ in support of retailers.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the £9.99 garment will go towards helping retailers affected by the riots.

Anyone can donate from as little as £1 via Retail Trust’s website or by texting HSTH11 £5 to 70070.




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