GIA laboratory introduces diamond sorting service

New service for D-Z colour diamonds weighing between 0.15ct and 0.99ct

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) will offer a Diamond Sorting Service for D-Z color diamonds weighing between 0.15 carat and 0.99 carat. This service is intended to help control clients’ costs by providing grading reports on only those diamonds that fall within certain color and clarity parameters, as specified by the client.

To qualify, stones must be submitted in bulk – a 50 stone minimum and a total parcel weight is required – but stones do not need to be individually parceled. The client determines the color and clarity criteria.

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All stones that meet the client’s color and/or clarity criteria will continue through GIA’s grading and testing processes to receive either a GIA Diamond Dossier® or a GIA Diamond Grading Report.

Stones that do not meet the criteria will be rejected and charged a nominal fee. Grading information will not be provided on rejected stones and they will not be tested for treatments. Rejected stones will be returned in the same way they were shipped to GIA, in one common parcel.

The new Diamond Sorting Service will initially be performed at the GIA Laboratory in Carlsbad, California with the other locations phasing the service in shortly. Clients may submit stones to any of GIA’s worldwide laboratories for shipping to Carlsbad and will be subject to local custom restrictions

Key guidelines of the service:
• Sorting is only available for color and/or clarity parameters. For example: “J or better,” “SI1 or better” or “I/VS2 or better.”
• Eligible stones: D-Z color, 0.15 carat to 0.99 carat.
• Minimum submission is 50 stones. Please contact a Gemological Services Representative in advance for shipments of more than 1,000 stones.
• Stones do not need to be individually parceled, but a total parcel weight is required.
• Grading or testing for synthetics or treatments will not be done on the rejected stones.
• Items accepted for grading will be serviced within the turnaround times posted on GIA’s Web site.
• Service is not available via My Laboratory.

Fee for service:
• Standard grading and service fees apply for stones that meet client criteria.
• A handling fee of US$10 per stone will be charged for stones that do not meet client criteria.

For more information, please contact a GIA Gemological Services Representative at ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬(760) 603-4500, ext. 7218, email or visit



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