Gina Melosi debuts on digital platform showcase

Designer’s work selected for The One Forty video initiative.

Work by jewellery designer Gina Melosi has been selected as part of a two-week online showcase called The One Forty, a digital platform promoting young creatives through film.

Gina Melosi was approached by The One Forty to be a featured designer. The concept hosts videos online lasting 140 seconds. Each film is promoted via Twitter and Tumblr in an effort to showcase each designer’s work to new audiences.

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The videos change over every fortnight and Melosi is the current featured creative. Her jewellery is filmed up-close and from various angles, with Melosi explaining her designs through a voiceover.

She said of the project: "The One Forty will provide more online exposure for my brand including variable media platforms to show different sides to what I do through blogging, Twitter, video, quotes, photos and inspiration."

The One Forty is also used by designers for behind-the-scenes at their studios and to give sneak peeks of new collections or projects they are working on.

Melosi has been working on a number of collaborations this year, including a project with French artist Eric Camus, and a new German stockist UNI+FORM. She has also helped to design and create jewellery for a couture line by designer Robert Wun.

"I am looking to expand into other markets by the end of the year [so] online marketing and exposure is really paramount to getting my name out. I like the concept of The One Forty as the approach is integrative and connects designers across many different platforms," Melosi added.



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