Go on, have a bit of fun with your watch offer

Kathryn Bishop on why it’s good to be in fashion watches right now.

They say to never judge a book by its cover, but they also say that a picture says a thousand words. These old adages have never been more applicable to watches than right now, when how a watch looks might be driving sales more than its brand name or movement.

A report from the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry last month stated that Swiss watch exports to the UK are experiencing a drop in value but an increase in volume. Does this mean that good looking, fashionable and wallet-friendly watches are being snapped up over their more expensive and intricate counterparts?

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Design lover Marcus Fairs of the Dezeen Watch Store would love to think so. He has just opened a pop-up shop in London’s Covent Garden that only stocks design-led watches that are more attractive on the outside than the inside. On a completely different scale, jewellery and watch giant Aurum is also sniffing round the fashionable end of the watch market as it prepares to launch new concept Goldsmiths Boutique, which will be a haven for fashion-forward watches under £300.

We spend a lot of our time at WatchPro deliberating over the latest movements and high-end guardians of time, and it is easy to dismiss what might be perceived as the lower end of the market, but this, in fact seems to be where the magic is happening.

So while you should always listen to great advice and never judge that book by its cover, perhaps it is time to start judging watches on their appearance only rather than looking for potentially superfluous complications.

It is well documented that people who own £50,000 watches still love £50 watches. Beauty is skin deep, but fashion watches don’t even break the surface so let go and allow yourself to be shallow once in a while and introduce some fun to your watch offer. Who knows, you might just enjoy it.



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