Gold Standard reduces jewellery crime in Bradford

Ten arrests have been made for robbery six months since introduction.

The introduction of the Gold Standard in Bradford has been dubbed a success, having helped to reduce the number of jewellery robberies in the city.

The scheme, founded by the National Association of Goldsmiths, British Jewellers’ Association and National Pawnbroking Association, was launched in Bradford six months ago after a series of violent precious metal robberies.

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After six jewellery raids in 12 days West Yorkshire police set up Operation Scaldlock in a bid to clamp down on thieves. The program also included the introduction of the voluntary Gold Standard to allow jewellery retailers, traders and those dealing with precious metals to tighten their security.

Six months on Bradford police has toasted the schemes success with a total of 10 arrests and three robbery charges.

According to local paper The Telegraph and Argus, a number of crime prevention days have been held in Bradford providing advice and information about the installation of safes and security systems.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Thomas, head of Operation Scaldlock, said: “The Gold Standard has been implemented across the district and is currently being monitored to ensure retailers comply.

“It has succeeded in reducing these offences, particularly those involving home invasion, and a reduction in burglaries.”

He said the program is still a work in progress but the reduction in offences is being hailed a success.



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