Goldsmiths Fair to launch this September

The annual exhibition features exciting new independent designers.

Then annual Goldsmiths’ fair will run for two weeks from September 27 at the Goldsmiths’ Hall this year.

The event has been running for 28 years, is considered one of the most important and prestigious events of its kind in Europe.

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There will be a long list of designers showing at the event this year, showcasing a wide range of techniques and styles. Top jewellery designer David Marshall will also be present at the event.

Jewellery making methods used by featured designers vary from the use of cuttlebone for casting, a technique favoured in the Renaissance, to more cutting edge technologies, such as laser welding.

A number of designers will be incorporating an array of precious metals into their pieces to create different shades, including white gold, yellow gold, green gold, rose gold, silver and platinum.

Jeweller Angie Boothroyd explores the blending of different colours of gold, using up to 17 different alloys in her latest collection, to produce a striking continuous spectrum ranging from white, to green, to yellow, to rose, and back to white.

The themes expected to coalesce at the fair are narrative and nostalgia, particularly notable in the whimsical jewels of Zoe Arnold and Ruth Tomlinson, and the exciting use of mixed media – precious metals with wood, silicone, stone, and an array of found or recycled objects. Versatility will also be in evidence, following the recent popularity of stacking rings, where you can rearrange the order and the interchangeable elements.

There will be 90 exhibitors showing each week of the event, which will be closed on October 4 for the change-over.

The fair will run:

Monday to Friday 11am to 7pm (last admissions 6.30pm)
Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm (last admissions 5.30pm)
Admission: By catalogue purchasable on the door (£7 for one week, £12 for two weeks)



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