Graff continues expansion with 11th Asian boutique

Sumptuous store designed by interior architect Peter Marino.

Graff Diamonds has opened its 11th Asian boutique within the Jolie department store in Shenyang, North East China.

The new store adds to the diamond high jeweller’s current total of 36 Graff stores globally, located across the UK and Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

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Interior architect Peter Marino was hired to design the space both inside and out. The exterior of the Shenyang space boasts an open grille facade featuring the Graff logo, which sits against a bronze backdrop.

The exterior also feature dichroic glass which shimmers with different colours depending on the light or angle at which the glass is viewed. At night the storefront will be lit internally to give the space further visual impact.

The interior features elements of Graff stores from around the world including lacquered walnut wall panels and black and white striped marble floors.

Clients and saes associates can present pieces leather desks, while the pièce de résistance is a large decorative Bohemia crystal chandelier that has impact with a contemporary edge.

Laurence Graff set up his first Asian concession space for Graff in Robinson’s Department store in 1967.

The brand also plans to open its first store in Seoul, South Korea, this year.



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