Graff shop assistant also denies inside job claims

Petra Unhar describes defence’s claims as ‘obscene’.

Petra Uhnar, the shop assistant involved in the raid at Graff in August, has denied claims that she was part of an inside job.

Defence lawyers have suggested that the raid was an inside job set up by staff for the insurance.

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Uhnar, who had only worked at the store for three months before the raid, said: “I think it’s obscene. I was the victim. My life has been put under threat. I had the worst experience of my life.”

Uhnar described how she feared she had been shot during the raid. After the raiders forced her to help them fill a black plastic with jewels from three of the store’s windows, they then made her accompany them outside at gunpoint.

Uhnar said: "We started walking to the right, I felt the gun at my back, then I heard screaming, somebody shouting ’emergency’.

"There was some sort of commotion and panic in the street, followed by a gun shot. For a second I didn’t know if it was the gun which was behind me, I was terrified."

Graff senior sales executive Clive Golanski has also denied any involvement in the robbery, which took place at Graff’s New Bond Street store on August 6 last year.

The trial continues. All nine accused deny conspiracy to rob.



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