H Samuel is the most searched for jewellery company on Google

Since 2001, H.Samuel stores have undergone a radical refurbishment programme to greatly enhance customer service; the programme is expected to be completed in 2010. The H.Samuel Dublin store shows the latest design.

H Samuel has topped a list of the most searched for online jewellery companies in 2016.

The British retailer is ranked the highest when it comes to organic Google searches for jewellery businesses in a new report conducted by SEO and digital content experts Inside Online.

Searches for H Samuel in the 12 months to February 2017 may have dropped by 12% to 49,914, but the multiple jewellery retailer still trumped the list, with its fellow Signet company, Ernest Jones following closely behind in second place.

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Ernest Jones was ranked second in the list with 38,494 organic searches, a decrease of 9% on February last year.

With a 14% growth from last year, Pandora came third with 35,984 searches. However, looking at the most searched for jewellery company on average a month, the jewellery giant comes first by a mile with 1500,000. On a monthly basis, H Samuel came second with 450,000 and Swarovski came third with 368,000.

Overall, organic Google searches for jewellery businesses grew 19.05% in the 12 months to February 2017.

British jewellery manufacturer, Diamond Heaven’s website saw the biggest growth in organic searches in 2017, with 3760 searches, up 451% on 2016.

The second-fastest growing online lingerie retailer was Diamonds Factory, with 1524 searches, compared to 281 in 2016.

Organic Searches

The full list of most searched for jewellery companies between Feb 2016 and Feb 2017.


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