Harrods to double fine watch and jewellery offer

Iconic department store to introduce new brands and boutiques.

Harrods is planning to double the size of its watch and jewellery department by November.

The iconic London department store’s current offering of fine watches and jewels is located on the ground floor of the store and it has plans to expand this to take over the section of the ground floor that is currently occupied by a section of the Harrods Food Halls situated immediately adjacent.

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The new extended fine watch and jewellery floor will be designed by the same architect who has worked on the existing floor. Harrods has said that the offering will be highly curated to offer shoppers a unique watch and jewellery shopping experience with a number of brands that Harrods will have exclusive distribution of in the UK.

The extension of the watch and jewellery sales floor will double the floorspace that is currently dedicated to this section of Harrods’ offer. As well as facilitating a number of new brands, it will also cater for the introduction of some branded boutiques from brands that have not yet opened such ventures in the UK, including a popular high-end Swiss watch brand.

Following some customer research, Harrods has identified its customer base as being mainly split between international shoppers and those from its local area in Knightsbridge, and said that the new expanded offer of watch and jewellery brands will reflect these findings.

Harrods has no plans as yet to expand the designer jewellery section of the store, however it has signed up a number of new brands including Ippollita, MCL, Tozian, Theo Fennell Alias and says that it does plan to rearrange this area and group particular brands together to create clear areas such as one for contemporary design and one for high-end designer jewels.

Separately, Monica Vinader is planning to double her space in Harrods.



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