High streets and retail parks enjoy footfall uplift

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 17:  Christmas shoppers on Oxford Street carry full shopping bags on December 17, 2013 in London, England. As Christmas Day approaches, London's central shopping districts attempt to lure shoppers into stores with last minute deals in an effort to pull sales away from online outlets.  (Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)

High streets and retails parks both witnessed a strong footfall uplift during the week commencing December 28, according to a report from retail footfall analysts Springboard.

Springboard have released figures showing high streets enjoyed a strong footfall uplift on ‘Take Back Tuesday’ and Saturday January 2 2016, despite wet weather.

A rush to return and exchange unwanted Christmas gifts on Tuesday December 29 2015, known as ‘Take Back Tuesday’, triggered a 5.1% YOY footfall uplift across UK high streets.

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A second peak was also experienced on Saturday January 2 2016, with footfall across UK high streets up 9.7% YOY.

Despite these peaks, footfall across UK high streets from Monday December 28 2015 to Friday January 1 2016 inclusive dropped by -3% YOY, with footfall down -2.6% YOY on New Year’s Day.

This compares with an increase last year in high streets from Monday to Friday after Christmas of +6.2% YOY and +14.2% YOY on New Year’s Day.

Despite this, high streets were the destination of choice for shoppers on Saturday January 2 2016, with a strong uplift of 9.7% YOY, with out of town retail parks and shopping centres only experiencing a 0.3% and 4.8% increases respectively.

Overall, footfall on Saturday January 2 2016 was strong, with the UK average up 6.3% YOY.

Diane Wehrle, insights and marketing director at Springboard comments: “Building on strong footfall experienced by high streets this time last year was always going to be a challenge for high streets, and these figures show there a job to be done in 2016 to in order for a positive uplift to be realised.”



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