Hot 100 NexGems Q&A: Kyle Hopkins

The US-born, London-based designer working with Lady Gaga and Adele.

As we look forward to the reveal of the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2013 on September 3 we hear from 2012’s NexGems about being part of the Hot 100, what it means for business and what’s next for the jewellery brands. Today we hear from Kyle Hopkins, the Seattle-born jeweller making his mark in the UK.

Professional Jeweller: You were named a Professional Jeweller Hot 100 NexGem in 2012 – what did this mean for your business?
Kyle Hopkins: It was such an honour. To be 24 years old and named one of the Hot 100 meant quite a bit to me. Plus it’s a rare day that I get to put on a suit.

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PJ: Tell us about the year since the Hot 100, how has business evolved?
KH: Since last year I have done a lot of celebrity work. I have been making pieces for Lady Gaga, Adele, Brooke Candy and others which is really fun, and they always pay on time. I have picked up six new stockists around the world and have been receiving more and more support for my approach to jewellery.

PJ: What can we expect next from the brand?
KH: Well the company motto is still ‘Make rad shit and stay legit’, so nothing’s changed in that. So expect more innovation, more statement and more intellectualism.

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