Houlden members reap benefits of jewellery tour

Designs of Excellence Collection increasing footfall across stores.

The Houlden Group has revealed that its members are seeing increased footfall and publicity, thanks to its initiative to tour its Designs of Excellence Collection.

Houlden picked outstanding pieces of jewellery from the designers’ collections at The Jewellery Show earlier this year creating its Designs of Excellence Collection, which is currently touring its members’ boutiques and will continue to do so throughout the year.

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The jewellery in the collection showcases the latest trends and design talent from around the country. It will spend one week in each store, creating a significant brand awareness boost for the designers involved as well as the members.

Helen Haddow of the Houlden Group is managing the initiative. She said:  "The response from the membership has been overwhelming with almost no available slots left for 2011. The collection has been a great way for our members to create a buzz and attract footfall to their stores and we’re delighted that they are having so much success with it."

Baker Brothers, a jewellers based in Bedford, was the first member to host the Designs of Excellence Collection and organised a number of in-store events with the designers involved attending.

Lizzie McAuley from Baker Brothers said:  "We had a thoroughly enjoyable week with the Designs of Excellence Collection. As the first jeweller in the country to showcase the collection we were thrilled with how well it went with many customers and journalists coming into the store, having a lot of fun looking at and trying on the pieces. We even had a number of customers purchasing the pieces and we loved Rachel Galley’s jewellery so much that we have decided to stock her collection at Baker Brothers."

"It was an honour to have Babette Wasserman, Sarah Ho, Alexander Davis and Rachel Galley all attend the events we arranged and it was a great opportunity to hear about their designs and the inspirations behind them," McAuley added.




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