HRD Antwerp to certify synthetic diamonds

Service will launch in September; aims to boost consumer confidence.

Synthetic diamond certification is being added to HRD Antwerp’s offer as it seeks to support consumers in their diamond purchasing.

The Antwerp-based diamond certification service plans to introduce its lab-grown diamond certificates on September 2 following a reported rise in synthetic diamonds entering the market.

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HRD plans to make its synthetic diamond certificates noticeably different to its standard diamond certificates to ensure there is no confusion between lab-grown and natural stones. The words ‘Synthetic Diamond Certificate’ will also be printed on the cover of each report.

HRD said that each synthetic diamond will be laser-inscribed as synthetic and the presence of the laser inscription is mentioned on the certificate, with a statement that the diamond has been lab-grown.

The business also offers a service for screening packets of diamonds to pick out any stones that might be HPHT or CVD synthetic diamonds.



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