SPECIAL REPORT: Bristol jewellers battle with a scattered retail scene, but consumer spending remains high

SPECIAL REPORT: Bristol jewellers battle with a scattered retail scene, but consumer spending remains high

Packed with history and a lively character to boot, Bristol is a city on the rise in the UK. It is a city for all, with a welcoming nature that invites anybody to call it home. In fact, over the last five years house prices have risen faster than any other major British city, highlighting


SPECIAL REPORT: How stores survive in the UK’s most competitive city for jewellers

It’s an exceptionally sunny day in Glasgow and our editor is raring to meet the jewellers in the city — although this time she knows she will never make it round to all of them in 24 hours, as it is home to over thirty independent and national jewellery retailers, many of which are located

SPECIAL REPORT: Preston jewellers upbeat and confident about trading in the city

At long last, spring is in the air. Many jewellery retailers have now graced their windows with floral displays, while brands are adding vibrant colours for the (hopefully) warmer months. In Preston, spring means capitalising on the all-important wedding season and getting consumers kitted out in the perfect jewellery to match sun-kissed skin and SS18

SPECIAL REPORT: How a new shopping centre has impacted business for jewellers in Oxford

Oxford is an interesting place to visit, and as such, welcomes a wealth of tourists almost all year round. As one of the world’s most famous university cities, people from all around the world descend on Oxford to see the golden-stone colleges clustered around medieval streets. Oxford University is just one of many draws though,

SPECIAL REPORT: How jewellers sparkle in the playground for the wealthy

Rocketing rents and the crash in the pound since Brexit has seen rents on London’s Bond Street rise to become the highest in Europe and the third highest in the world. According to research from global real estate giant Cushman & Wakefield, at the end of 2017 New Bond Street jumped to become the most expensive location in Europe in

SPECIAL REPORT: Jewellers contend with the elements and retail barriers in Durham

In possibly one of the friendliest cities in the UK, both originality and tradition are king. When Professional Jeweller visited the northern city it was met by the warmest of welcomes and saw how a raft of longstanding jewellers and the likes of newly-established brands are able to co-exist. Following on from last year’s trip

SPECIAL REPORT: Home to major flagships, Liverpool is a destination city for jewellery shoppers in the UK

Professional Jeweller ended its 2017 series of cityscape in Hull – the UK City of Culture – and for 2018 we have began in Liverpool, where we visit jewellery retailers ten years after its tenure as the European Capital of Culture. Being named European Capital of Culture is an opportunity for an area to generate

UK City of Culture status provides business boost for jewellers in Hull

Business in Hull has changed dramatically for the better over the last 12 months, with many jewellers commenting they were pleased Professional Jeweller didn’t visit last year. Why? Because while the title of ‘UK City of Culture’ has boosted business in the area, the preparation to get to this point was less than pleasant. It

Independent jewellers in Newcastle have the tools to work through high street challenges

One does not have to spend long in Newcastle to see that it’s much more than a night-life centred city. The rapidly growing shopping centre, which seamlessly switches from quintessentially modern outlets to up-market, historic stores without missing a beat, boasts an impressively vast array of retail opportunities. Newcastle’s coal mining history helped define the

How more than 20 jewellers survive side-by-side in Norwich

If you’re a jewellery retailer in Norwich then you cannot be afraid of a bit of healthy competition because there are no fewer than 20 jewellery businesses all vying for their share of the pie in the city centre. It would be fair to say Norwich is actually a hidden gem when it comes to