International clients up 50% at Robinson Pelham

Company’s Fine Jewellery Forecast says coloured gems are on the up.

British jeweller Robinson Pelham has reported a boom in international clientèle since the opening of its standalone store on Elystan Street in Chelsea, London.

The company says that its relocation has won increasing footfall in store, with European clientèle up 50% and American visitors increasing 20% in the past year.

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The company opened its Elystan Street shop in November last year, with brightly coloured window displays and jewellery collections to match.

At a special event dubbed the Fine Jewellery Forecast held today at the store, Robinson Pelham founders Zoe Benyon, Kate Pelham Burn and Vanessa Chilton talked through the changes in the market experienced by the company and its expectations for the coming year in terms of jewellery trends and design themes.

The company reported a 70% increase in business in the past five years, with the average bespoke spend hitting about £10,000 per customer compared to £1,000 10 years ago.

The Fine Jewellery Forecast also revealed a growing demand for warmer colours of gold among Robinson Pelham clients and a shift away from cooler metal tones, white diamonds and ice blue gemstones such as aquamarines.

Instead, clients are opting for hot-coloured gemstones such as pink tourmalines and orange sapphires, with yellow and pink stones also becoming more popular for engagement rings.

The Fine Jewellery Forecast was also a chance for Robinson Pelham to reveal the jewellery trends it feels will take hold in the coming year. Following the dip in gold price earlier this year, more clients will opt for larger scale gold designs such as cuffs and bangles, while subtle finishes and texture will become popular in design as highly polished finishes drop off the radar.

The mixing of metals is also set to become the norm, and a way for clients to look as though their jewellery has been thrown together, but is actually artfully styled so that each piece complements the other.

In hand with this is the theme of personalisation which, while ongoing for several years, is taking new routes through clients having items made semi-bespoke with birthstones, engraving or through locket-style jewellery that allows them to store hidden keepsakes.

Robinson Pelham also used the occasion to showcase its new range, Constellations, a collection of 18ct yellow gold rings and necklaces featuring the 12 zodiac signs as they appear as constellations in the sky, picked out by various sizes of brilliant cut diamonds. The range was designed to offer several trends at once including personalisation, texture, warmer hues of gold and a more understated everyday look owing to the more organic shape of the rings and pendants.



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