Jewel Mechanic born after Glitterati name change

Paul Draper takes new route with brand; wins Stuart Moore as retailer.

A UK jewellery brand has opted for a name change and fresh focus following an issue of trademark violation associated with its name.

Jewellery designer Paul Draper, who worked under the name Glitterati, has re-launched his business under the new name Jewel Mechanic after he was approached by a designer that had already trademarked the Glitterati name.

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Draper had previously focused on women’s fine jewellery, producing structured diamond-set designs in platinum and gold under the Glitterati brand name. He is now set to drive forward with men’s jewellery and unisex designs in with an urban-meets-gothic edge, including chunky textured rings, cufflinks and tag pendants in silver and other precious metals.

He said of the name change: "Unwittingly I was trading with a name that someone else owned the trademark for. They decided, and quite rightly so, to lean on me and get me to change my name or pay the price."

Draper said he believed Glitterati was poised for big things before the name change took place, leaving him with little choice but to start afresh.

He denies that the name change was a chance to relinquish business debts, despite the fact it could have construed as such. "[It was] purely a name change, everything else has remained the same," he said.

Jewel Mechanic now carries four times as much men’s jewellery than the Glitterati brand.

Jewel Mechanic has also been taken on by US jewellery retailer and designer Stuart Moore and will be sold through his galleries in New York, San Francisco and the Californian town of Newport.

"I am the only British designer on his books and he has some very well known, and as he puts it, luminaries, to sit alongside," explained Draper.



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