Jeweller closes down after 14 raids in 15 years

Zehra Jewellers says insurance excess has made business a no-go.

A family-run jewellery retailer in London has closed down after being robbed 14 times in 15 years.

Zehra Jewellers in the Holloway area of the city has closed following a recent raid during which robbers drove a stolen car into the shop front’s window, stealing thousands of pounds of gold and silver jewellery and watches.

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A thief then tried to break into the shop on the same evening as the raid while the store was closed.

Guvher Ozdemir, whose brother owns the store, told local newspaper the Islington Gazette that things have now reached a point where the excess on insurance payments plus the requirements needed to fit with insurers’ terms has made trading impossible.

In previous raids staff members have been threatened and relatives have been attacked. The business has been hit almost once a year since it opened 15 years ago.

Local police have confirmed 11 recorded incidents at Zehra Jewellers since 2005.



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